It's not the boat, it's the on board service that makes the difference

Service with Pride

As stated earlier, there are close to a thousand houseboats in Alleppey. Each owner tries to out do the other in the construction of the boat. But, however big, luxurious and comfortable the Boat is, it is the on board staff that ultimately makes or breaks the trip.

Johnson’s staff are well-trained, genuinely hospitable, polite & non-intrusive. The food is bought fresh from the market, cooked on board and is plentiful. The one complaint from his guests is- too much good food. Johnson will take that complaint, every time –‘With Pride’. Fishing with local cane rods or nets, and village walks are organized by staff.

Luggage of guests can be left at Johnson's homestay for the duration of the trip. Very convenient for travellers carrying heavy backpacks.

Village walk

Over the course of his dozen or so years in the backwater tourism industry, Johnson has noticed tourists who have varied expectations of a backwater village walk. Some tourists expect too much out of what should be a very minimal part of the overall houseboat experience.

Village life can be seen and experienced as the boat cruises, from the boat itself. One can also go for a leisurely stroll through the sparsely populated backwater area, where Johnson moors his boat. This place was selected because it is secluded and quiet. Very different from the busy, noisy village areas, where other houseboats are tied next to each other in long queues.

However, for those who are determined to experience and walk through a busy village area, request early before the cruise. The staff will stop during the tour and take the guests out for a guided walk. Here, the guests can walk and observe for as much and for as long as they please.