There are many houseboats in Alleppey, why take Johnson's?

Johnsons take on the flip side of Houseboat Tourism in Kerala

What it does not say on this page is the bad experience you may get on some other houseboats. I debated with myself for a while before deciding to put this on my site. But, let me open up. The houseboat industry in Kerala, India is booming. Domestic tourists, on the fringe as clientele a decade ago, has now overtaken International tourists who hire houseboats in Alleppey. In peak season, there are days, weeks, when tourists come to Alleppey, and return disappointed that they could not hire houseboats. Unfortunately, with so much business around, the standards of service on houseboats has declined. Unruly drunk staff, bad food served, lack of service are some of the problems. Sexual harassment (rarely) of women travellers, theft of guest belongings or money are extreme cases. Over pricing of boats, mostly during peak season, and cutting off on running times are the most common complaints.

However, there are many good operators, so please do not allow the above comments to disturb you or think it is a ploy to let the reader hire my boat. Choose well.