Houseboats Tariff

Only houseboat in Kerala with 3 Pricing Options. All information you need to know on Kerala houseboat tariffs, Alleppey houseboat bookings, reservation of houseboats in Alleppey.

Having 3 options on Johnson's Eco houseboat makes it possible for tourists of all budgets to enjoy the Alleppey backwaters tours. Differences being in the cruise timings, the service (ex. the 1st option includes 1 hour canoeing) and in the quantity of food. All options include hygienic drinking water, fruits, tea, snacks, etc. at no extra cost.

Since Johnson also owns a guest house, tourists who books his houseboat can stay at his guest house on the previous day or the day after the houseboat trip on extra cost.

On Johnson’s Vighnesh Ecohouseboat, you get good value for Kerala houseboats tariffs (3 options tariff system on Johnson's eco houseboat)

Information on sharing options

Houseboat sharing Options

Sharing a houseboat is the best way to cut costs.

However, a couple can book the Eco houseboat and say that they do not want to share the boat with others.

The first people to book the boat has the right to say if they want to share the boat with others or not. Thus, a couple on a romantic getaway cruise can hire the boat all to themselves. Conversely, a group of friends, or family, or couples who do not mind sharing and ready to share the boat with others, can enjoy the company and conversation as well as cut the costs. Johnson has been doing this for a long time now. However, it is always the first people who book who decide if they want to share or not.

All these factors combined makes Johnson’s Vighnesh Eco Houseboat - “The Best Houseboat in Kerala”.

Payments in India: Online Transfer / Cash Deposit
From Abroad: Only Via Western Union / Money Gram

PREMIUMINR 12,000/- Mid-range INR 10,000/- BudgetINR 8000/-
(For 2 People) 23 hours trip including  1 hour of canoeing.
Extra person at INR 2000/- per person. (More people can make the amount less as you pan it around per person).
(For 2 people) 22 hours trip - 12.00 noon to 10.00 am.  
Extra person at INR 2000/- per person. (More people can make the amount less as you pan it around per person).
(For 2 people) 21 hours trip - 12.00 noon to 9.00 am.  
Extra person at INR 2000/- per person. (More people can make the amount less as you pan it around per person).
12.00 noon to 11.00 am with 1 hours of canoeing. 1 hour lunch break.
1 ½ hour Lunch break.
1 hour lunch break. 5.30 pm evening stop.  5.30 pm evening stop. 5.00 pm evening stop. 
8 course Lunch includes Fish & veggies. 7 course lunch includes Fish & Veggies. 6 course vegetarian lunch. 
6 course dinner with chicken & veggies.
5 course dinner includes chicken & Veggies. 
5 course dinner including Fish or Chicken.
Indian/Continental Breakfast.  Indian/Continental Breakfast.
Indian Breakfast. 
1 Complimentary Beer per person.  Village walk & Fishing.
Village walk & Fishing.
Village walk & Fishing.    

Peak season (Dec.20th to Jan 30th)

Rs 12,500 for two. Extra person Rs. 2,000/-
Boat timings
12.00 noon to 10.00 next morning (includes 1 hour canoeing)
Nonveg lunch/dinner
Breakfast Indian continental

Please read :

The Eco houseboat is now Air Conditioned: additional charge of INR 1500/- for ac facility that keeps the room cool from 9.00 pm to 6.00 am.
AC is mandatory between 1st August to 31st May. Please add the AC tariff to all the options while making your choice

Maximum amount of extra people on any option is six members

Please read through the different options, and choose as per your need and budget. Also, it is important to go through the various instructions on this page after the options listed, to make your booking procedure as well as the cruise smoother.

The boat has 3 staff - Captain, cook and an assistant. Their English is limited but they are genuinely nice people. English speaking guide provided at INR 500/- per hour, on request.

Village walks and fishing is done when the houseboat comes to rest, unless otherwise requested. The place where the boat is moored is in a quiet area, chosen so that guests get a good nights' sleep. It is a scenic spot, lovely for walks but do not expect much of village life there. Village life can be observed through the cruising hours from the boat. For guests who are particular about a guided walk in the busier village area of the backwaters, please request early while making the booking, so that the boat can stop at that particular area, during the course of the cruising hours

Please request in advance for a village walk. Ask staff for fishing cane rods when boats come to rest

Menu :

Lunch/ Dinner – Rice, 3 veg. dishes, salad, fruits, papad, pickle , nonveg item (as applicable). Each consist on course
Please call Johnson from boat anytime incase of any difficulty , he is on call 24 hrs.

  IF the guest does not have a phone please ask the staff and they will connect to Johnson.

All options include Hygienic drinking water, fruits, complimentary welcome drink (non- alcoholic).

Advance is required for booking. Make your advance payment online and balance at Johnson’s guest house via credit card. Swipe machine available. please go to reservation page for more details

Taxi fares for up to 4 people in Indica Cab:

Kochi airport Fort Kochi Munnar town Periyar / Thekkady Varkala – INR 3000/- Trivandrum city or Airport
INR 2300/- INR 1800/- INR 4500/- INR 3700/- INR 3500/- INR 4000/-
What is the cost of hiring a houseboat in Kerala? Why is it expensive?

Different houseboat operators charge differently according to the season, and the type of boat. There are one bedroom up to 6 bedroom houseboats. So called, budget, mid-range, luxury houseboats, all having different rates that the owner, travel agent, touts sets. There is no regulation on the rates yet. The houseboat industry is a private business, and so the operators call the shots. It is expensive, because the running costs are high. All boats have to have 3 staff full time. All boats, even the smallest one is expensive to build. The various other expenses include taxes, rent for space to anchor the boat, yearly maintenance costs, etc. Having said this,please note: compared to expenses in the developed world, a houseboat overnight tour would probably the same as taking friends out for dinner in Europe or America.

Johnson's boat has two bedrooms. Both the rooms are large enough to host more than 2 people (King size beds).

What is the difference between Deluxe, Luxury and Premium houseboats?

Essentially none. It is just a gimmick for a houseboat operator to attract tourists. Most houseboat sites include pictures of the houseboats. We believe tourists are savvy enough to judge the quality of the boats.

Terms and Conditions
  • Rates given above are for the same boat, Johnson's, Alleppey, Kerala, houseboat 'Vighnesh' Ecohouseboat. No taxes, or any other hidden costs. It is however, recommended that the staff be tipped handsomely, if the clients are satisfied with the service. The owner does not accept tips
  • The above rates, we believe are competitive. We are the only houseboat operators who have a 23 ½ hour option.
    The running time on Option 3 is what almost all other houseboat operators provide to their clients, even though some may say otherwise. So, when comparing rates with other operators, try to keep comparison to that particular Option (Option 3).
  • Our Option 1 trip is possibly worth more than two nights with another operator.
  • We have no problems with competitors who may charge less, they know what their product and service is worth.
  • For the record, there are other Super luxury houseboats that boast swimming pool, Jacuzzi, uniformed English speaking staff, and are ridiculously overpriced.
  • Unfortunately, unlike Johnson's rates, houseboat operators vary their rates through the season, as per demand. Not unlike in the Western world either, in the tourism sector. Johnson takes pride in the system he has evolved and originated. The rates are hiked only when living expenses make it mandatory that he does so.
  • The rates have been devised keeping in mind the cost of fuel, food, and other services. More running time, more fuel is consumed. 8 course lunch is more expensive than a 5 course veg lunch. Thus, option 1 is more expensive than Option 3.
  • For multiple days cruise, any combination of the houseboat options can be chosen. The boat does not dock at the same place for the second, third or fourth day. The record on ecohouseboat is 4 consecutive nights. Record in Alleppey for a houseboat cruise, longest ever, believe it or not, is 21 consecutive nights. Backwaters off Alleppey is a vast area. Guests can hire the boat for multiple days without worrying about going around in circles. Johnson's Ecohousboat does not do Alleppey - Kollam tours. He reckons it's boring, in fact he knows it is :-)

Advance is required for booking.

Booking Cancellation Policy
  • 80% of advance paid is refunded if Cancellation happens before 45 days of booked date.
    50% of advance paid is refunded if Cancellation happens between 30 and 44 days of booked date.
  • No refund if booking is cancelled less than 29 days of the booking date, whatever be the amount sent as advance.
  • It is difficult, if not impossible and expensive to send money out of India, in case of cancellation. Thus, all cancellation refunds will only be made to address in India, and any sundry expenses to be borne by the clients.
  • Even after the advance is sent, please be kind enough to send three reminders, one a month before and the last two at your convenience, within the last week. This might be considered an odd request. It is also the best way to cut off all chances of last minute misunderstandings, overlapping of dates, et al.
  • The above instructions, advice and payment methods, etc. have evolved after years of dealing with thousands of tourists who have booked Johnson's Alleppey Kerala Ecohouseboat. Please try to co-operate in making your booking as trouble free and smooth as possible.
  • Very Important Once on board, enjoy yourself. Let the staff take care of you in their own way. This is probably the most relaxing experience that you may get anywhere in the world. Do not spoil it for yourself by expecting too much. If there are any complaints during the course of your trip, the staff is always there to correct, even for minor matters, do not hesitate to call them. If they cannot correct a problem, ask the staff to call the owner on their mobiles, even if it is the middle of the night. We are on call 24 hours. No complaints entertained after the trip. Johnson has a very low opinion of some guests who keep quiet of some trivial complaint during the course of the voyage, and then put out nasty reviews on TripAdvisor, or traveller blogs - a new trend among some unsavoury people. Thank you.

Johnson's column on making your Kerala houseboat booking.

Please try to close a booking as soon as possible. From our side, I have tried to be as clear and detailed as possible. Go through the site with some patience, it is probably the most detailed and informative houseboat site in India. Save us both needless to and fro mails once you have thoroughly gone through my site. If possible, try to call on my mobile numbers. There is nothing like a personal chat to sort out doubts and get further details.