Discount fest

The Lonely planet describes Johnson Gilbert as ‘gregarious’ or helpful, sociable. Well, the good news for budget travellers is that he aims to live up to that reputation. With the world-wide recession still affecting the tourist dollar, and the increase in houseboat hiring rates, International as well as domestic tourists are finding it difficult to hire out houseboats. Johnson Gilbert has come up with an answer.

Specifically, he is organizing periodic ‘houseboat discount fests’, ‘shared houseboat discount trips’ , ‘budget houseboat weekend trips’, to encourage tourist to book houseboats en masse and thus reduce costs for the guests as well as the host.

They say that every problem has in it the seeds to its solution. Johnson has sown the seeds. He needs your support to cultivate the seed so that it grows into a viable positive cash crop for the benefit of all.

Book your place early. This is the best alternative than coming to Alleppey, and trying to haggle your way into a discount on the streets. There are no more ‘shopping for houseboats’, or ‘bargain your booty off’ opportunities. The touts who control the houseboat jetties and the tuk tuk drivers, taxi drivers have smartened up.